Rock Vault Spring 2014

Melanie Georgacopoulos via @melainegeorgacopoulos

Melanie Georgacopoulos via @melainegeorgacopoulos

London Fashion Week once again played host to Rock Vault, an initiative of the British Fashion Council to support up-and-coming jewelry designers. As reported previously, designers Jacqueline Cullen and Ornella Iannuzzi were new additions to the lineup of 10, which includes Fernando Jorge, Yunus & Eliza, Melanie Georgacopoulos, Jo Hayes Ward, Hannah Martin, Imogen Belfield, Tomasz Donocik and Alice Cicolini. I’ll do a more formal post on the individual collections of spring 2014 that I liked the most, but in the meantime you can check out the Instagram version of what was on display this season.

Jo Hayes Ward via @ameliagregory

Jo Hayes Ward via @ameliagregory

Fernando Jorge via @fernando_jorge

Fernando Jorge via @fernando_jorge

Imogen Belfield via @emmahillImogen Belfield via @emmahill

Alice Cicolini via @natb90Alice Cicolini via @natb90

Yunus and Eliza via @brookerobertslondon

Yunus and Eliza via @brookerobertslondon

Hannah Martin via @hannahmlondon
Hannah Martin via @hannahmlondon

Jacqueline Cullen via @bazaarbr

Jacqueline Cullen via @bazaarbr

Tomasz Donocik via @notionmagazine
Tomasz Donocik via @notionmagazine


2013 Couture Design Awards

Tomasz Donocik 2013 JCK Couture Award for Diamonds

Diamond over $20,000 Category Award and Debuting at Couture Award: Tomasz Donocik ring.

2013 Las Vegas Couture, a trade show catering exclusively to the luxury end of the jewelry market, has wrapped up and sent some jewelers home with design awards. UK-based Tomasz Donocik was a big winner with awards for diamond design over $20,000 and also best debut exhibitor. Alp Sagnak of Atelier Minyon, a Turkish jeweler, won both the silver category and People’s Choice Award. Mikimoto won for an unusual pearl design and Heather Moore did a really interesting twist on an engagement ring for the bridal category. And finally, the winning piece for diamond design under $20,000, by Mexican jeweler Colette, has to be worn to be appreciated.

Atelier Minyon 2013 JCK Awards

Silver Category Award and People’s Choice Award: Atelier Minyon necklace.

Mikimoto 2013 JCK Awards

Pearl Category Award: Mikimoto

Heather Moore 2013 JCK Awards

Bridal Category Award: Heather Moore

Colette 2013 Couture Design Award

Diamond under $20,000 Category Award: Colette

Image courtesy of Fragments Jewelry

Image courtesy of Fragments

Britain’s Best Up and Coming Jewelry Designers Show at London Fashion Week

LFW Rock Vault Fall 2013

3D scanned heads of the jewelry designers show their palladium earrings at London Fashion Week’s Rock Vault presentation.

Rock Vault, an initiative of the British Fashion Council to support up and coming jewelry talent, is once again showing 10 jewelry designers at London Fashion Week. Sponsored by the International Palladium Board, each designer made a pair of red-carpet worthy earrings in palladium to showcase, as well as pieces from their Fall 2013 collection in the west wing of Somerset House. The presentation is only on until February 19 so hurry over if you are in London.

Husam El Odeh Rock Vault

Palladium earrings by Husam El Odeh

Hannah Martin Rock Vault

Palladium earrings by Hannah Martin

Melanie Georgacopoulos Rock Vault Fall 2013

Palladium earrings by Melanie Georgacopoulos

Tomasz Donocik Rock Vault Fall 2013

Palladium earrings by Tomasz Donocik

Imogen Belfield Rock Vault

Palladium earrings by Imogen Belfield

Sophie Billie Brahe Rock Va

Palladium earrings by Sophie Bille Brahe

Jo Hayes Ward Rock Vault F

Palladium earrings by Jo Hayes Ward

Yunus and Eliza Rock Vault

Palladium earrings by Yunus & Eliza

Fernando Jorge Rock Vault

Palladium earrings by Fernando Jorge

Palladium earrings by Alice Cicolini

Palladium earrings by Alice Cicolini