Les Danses Fantasques: Fabergé’s ode to the Russian Ballet

'Luda' earrings.

‘Luda’ earrings.

Fabergé has introduced a new high jewelry collection that celebrates opulent and famous Russian ballets. Four suites composed of a signature necklace and matching pieces are named after the legendary productions (La Esmeralda, Luda, Aurora, Giselle) and feature colored gemstones from Gemfields. My favorite piece would have to be the ‘Luda’ earrings pictured above because, to me, they evoke the movement and grace of a ballerina and the emeralds on the bottom shaped like a Fabergé egg are the perfect punctuation mark.

'Luda' necklace.

‘Luda’ necklace.

'La Esmeralda' necklace.

‘La Esmeralda’ necklace.

'La Esmeralda' earrings.

‘La Esmeralda’ earrings.

'La Esmeralda' ring.

‘La Esmeralda’ ring.

'Giselle' necklace.

‘Giselle’ necklace.

'Giselle' earrings.

‘Giselle’ earrings.

'Aurora' cuff bracelet.

‘Aurora’ cuff bracelet.

'Aurora' tassel earrings.

‘Aurora’ tassel earrings.

'Aurora' earrings.

‘Aurora’ earrings.

'Le Chat Pushkin' brooch.

‘Le Chat Pushkin’ brooch.

'Le Renard' ring.

‘Le Renard’ ring.