Ideas: Sailing

Lake Ontario Sailing

Wow…it’s September. I opted to enjoy the last long weekend of the summer in one of my favored ways, which is sailing. In this case, puttering around Lake Ontario.

What jewelry I wear largely depends on the type of sailing happening, ranging from a slow cruise with friends to the feistiest of regattas. When I’m on crew and awards (and egos) are at stake, there is nothing on the hands and wrists, but pretty much always big pearl studs because you can look pretty even when you’re working hard.

On a more casual day, I’m likely wearing something akin to the photos I snapped yesterday. I never wear yellow gold (except in hotter climates) because silvers, blues, greys, and whites just feel right in cool water. From the top down, I love this Vita Fede cuff because the ends remind me of compass points.  I made this bracelet of aquamarine beads featuring a reef knot ages ago and I still enjoy it. The Charriol bracelet resemble the shrouds I’m hanging onto, plus diamonds are extra sparkly on water. And finally, the snake chain just adds some extra gleam.

Lake Ontario Sailing 2


Ideas: Justin Timberlake/Jay Z Concert

Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake: Legends of the Summer Tour

What jewelry to wear to the kick-off concert of the Legends of the Summer tour with Justin Timberlake and Jay Z? Hmm…

Justin doesn’t provide too much inspiration, other than perhaps a crisp black and white look, and I just can’t pull off ‘Jay Z size’ chains in all their diamond encrusted glory (though a number of girls in the audience tried!). So I looked to the significant others and decided that since both Jessica Biel and Beyonce are big fans of big earrings, that was clearly the way to go. Beyonce also tends to wear one other statement piece, so I went with a black and gold combo of big Alexis Bittar pieces. And then 45,000 or so people and I danced for almost three hours.

Alexis Bittar Earrings and Cuff

Alexis Bittar Earrings